Interesting Info For St. Martin Travellers

Feel the Rich Flavor of Pleasure and find Romance in the Island

The island of St. Martin offers all of its travelers a rich sensual experience of the wonders of traveling to an island that appears to be formed out of the wonder of Nature itself. The island of St. Martin offers to its travelers the mystique of its ocean waters. St. Martin Island offers a rich history of the island’s ancestors and a history of its country being settled by both the French and the Dutch peoples of the 6543951611_7959f8763d_zworld. Its uniqueness in culture is very much reflected in the architecture and the cultures of the cities. Indeed the two main cities on the island reflect the cultures of the European ancestors who settled the country. The main city of Phillipsburg is very much a reflection of the Dutch people’s culture and architecture. The main city of Marigot is a reflection in its architecture and its culture of its ancestral heritage which is French.

The island of St. Martin is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is an island that is located near Puerto Rico. The island of St. Martin is located 190 miles east of the island of Puerto Rico. The island of St. Martin is part of the Archipelago Leeward Island, Lesser Antilles. It is an island that is located on the sea below the island of Anguilla. The British channel, the Anguilla Channel separates the island of St. Martin and the island of Anguilla. The total area of St. Martin Island is known to be 34 square miles. At the highest elevation point on the island, it is known to be at 414 miles. Ethnic groups on the islands include white people, Afro-Caribbean, people or Indian descent, and Chinese people, and people from other countries from around the world.

 Visual Description of the Island and Its Weather and Climate

As one walks along the long stretch of beaches on the island, one sees the beauty of the dark, clear, blue waters receding into a turquoise color blue. The white waves of the flowing waters crest in millions of bubbling, milk-white bubbles and flow onto the tan colored sand. The island’s weather is part of a Koppen classification of climate. From the months of January to April, the 6544022463_d0f8a87b1f_zisland is considered by weathermen to be subjected to tropical monsoon climate and the weather is considered to be part of a dry climate then. During the months of August to December, the island’s weather forecasters predict a season with a lot of rain. The uniqueness of the island is that throughout the entire year the weather never goes above 93 degree or below 68 degrees.

Tourist Attractions

Many tourists take the sailboat trip on a private 54 foot sailboat. On the Dutch side of the island, there are many nightclubs. The French side of the island is known for its French and Indian cuisine. To travel between the different sides of the island contact Car rentals st Maarten for a street free vacation.